The effects of iron overload can extend to day-to-day life, causing financial strain and absence from school and work, treatment side effects, and emotional distress.

The good news is that ensuring you are on the right iron chelation for you can help reduce the strain of iron overload on both your body and your daily life. Use the resources below to start a conversation with your healthcare team and make sure you’re on the right iron chelator for you and your lifestyle.

Boost your iron chelation knowledge

Take a short 5-question quiz and talk to your doctor about the results to make sure you’re receiving the right iron chelation at the right dose for you.

Iron chelation resources

Iron Busters Activity Book
This printed activity book has been designed with pediatric patients in mind. Fun activities help kids learn more about thalassemia and sickle cell disease, blood transfusions, iron build-up in the body, tracking iron levels, iron chelation, and tips for talking to school and what to share with their healthcare team. Entertaining and informative, kids can keep the book with them throughout their treatment and monitoring journey.

Side effect and monitoring tracking tools

Side effect tracker
This tool helps you keep track of any side-effects you experience to share with your doctor so they can help you stay on track to receive the full benefit of iron chelation treatment.


Iron level monitoring tracker
Use this tool to learn more about recommended target iron levels and help you monitor your test results and help you and your care team stay on top of your iron levels.


Managing work and school

Managing work fact sheet
Download this fact sheet as a guide for any conversation with your employer about your condition, its treatment, and why you may need to miss or take time off work.


Video series

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Watch these inspirational stories.

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Watch the video to learn more.

Get inspired by others living with Sickle Cell Disease
Watch Tyler's story.

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